Nickolas Gilbert


Nickolas Gilbert is a Writer/Director based in Los Angeles, California. He has worked in the film business for twenty years in both the camera and art departments, as well as writing, producing and directing his own projects. He has worked in the camera department on major feature films such as Oz the Great & Powerful and Red Dawn and network television shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Strange Angel.

Following his passion to mentor the next generation of filmmakers to good story, well told, he teaches filmmaking workshops at the Studio School in Los Angeles and with the Curacao Film Institute in the Dutch Antilles.

In his creative work, he is concentrating on bringing his own projects to fruition through Distortion Field, his development and production company. He has several feature length screenplays circulating the spec market and can often be found writing and directing short films. He holds an MFA in screenwriting from Maine Media College and is a member of the International Cinematographer's Guild.

Distortion Field Theory suggests that one can amplify their ability to influence others to believe almost anything is possible through a potent cocktail of allure, magnetism, pacification, charisma, pizzazz, embellishment, persistence, marketing and persistence.

According to the theory, a properly projected field can distort an audience’s perception, negating their innate assessment of difficulty and rendering them to believe that the emanated objective is not only possible, but highly probable.

The concept originates from the Menagerie episode where the Talosians employed a Reality Distortion Field (RDF) to manifested a "new world" of their unique design, through mental power alone.

Steve Jobs was an early adopter.

Contemporary science has proven absolutely that Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower was a vessel for said means.

Nikola Tesla was an earlier adopter.