Through The Smokescreen

Through the Smokescreen - 30min, B&W, 2.35:1

On a slow day in his office, Dick Regan, an out-of-his-time, hardboiled (ish) noir detective, plays Jenga with the butts in the ashtray to keep his mind limber. He's visited by the ravishing Chloe Barnes, who hires him to try and find her father, the famous documentarian Ben Barnes, who's gone missing ever since he started working on a film about big tobacco. At first, Regan's skeptical about taking the job, but Chloe uses her considerable charm to convince him to take the case. As they embark on their journey to solve the case, Regan falls for Chloe and much zaniness ensues. Together they investigate a big tobacco family straight out of Deliverance, a charming senator and ASS (the Anti-Smoking Society), before solving the case with a twist so exciting even the writers didn't see it coming.

Directed by Nickolas Gilbert

Written and Produced by Nickolas Gilbert & Christian Pedersen

Staring Ryan Babbs, Tory Taranova, Whit Spurgeon, Todd Royal, Geoff Wehner, Steven Forbes, Jeff Diggers, Christian Pedersen and Jennifer Grace Newshan.

Cinematography - Harrison Reynolds, Editing - Whitney Dunn, Music - Alec Gaston, Sound Design - Philip von During, Location Sound - Greg Gardner, Production Design - Lance L. Ziesch, Art Direction - Steven Hudosh, Makeup - Chris Sanchez, Color - Brent Mata


Through the Smokescreen